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Thirteenth Naval District - United States Navy

    The boundaries of the Thirteenth Naval District, to be headquartered at the Puget Sound Navy Yard in Bremerton, Washington, were established on 7 May 1903 in accordance with General Order No. 128, signed by Acting Secretary of the Navy Charles H. Darling. The headquarters of the district was transferred to Seattle, Washington, in 1926. In 1945 the district consisted of the following geographic ...

Admiral's House, 13th Naval District - nps.gov

    Jun 13, 2011 · The Admiral's House (Quarters A), built in 1944, is eligible for listing in the National Register under Criterion A for its association with the U. S. Navy and its role in Seattle The residence is a primary symbol of the major role that the U.S. Navy played in Seattle from World War II until the 1990s. It was not only the home of the commanding ...County: King

The 13th Naval District Headquarters,... - Sand Point ...

    The 13th Naval District Headquarters, housed at Sand Point Naval Air Station, protected the west coast from invasion and was on the front lines of the war in the Pacific. Early on that fateful Sunday morning December 7, 1941, the communications officer at Sand Point received word of a surprise Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, another Naval Air ...

Records of Naval Districts and Shore Establishments ...

    Aug 15, 2016 · 181.2.12 Records of the 13th Naval District (Seattle, WA) 181.2.13 Records of the 14th Naval District (Pearl Harbor, HI) 181.2.14 Records of the 15th Naval District (Cristobal, Canal Zone) 181.2.15 Records of the 17th Naval District (Kodiak, AK) 181.2.16 Records of the Naval District of Washington (Washington, DC) 181.3 Records of Navy Yards ...Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins

Japanese Activities in the 13th Naval District - NCISA History

    STAFF HEADQUARTERS THIRTEENTH NAVAL DISTRICT To : ~ Commandant, Th:Lrteenth Naval District. Chief of Naval Operations (Office of Naval Intelligence}. \ ! l ~ ,,·-,\~ g . s·ubjea·t: Jar>anese Aotivitie:s in the 13th Naval District. ... SubJeo·t: Japanese Activities in the 13th Naval J)istrict. the Ja:panese orgm:ization. This bribing of ...

Commandant, Naval District Washington

    170302-N-AG722-110 WASHINGTON (March 2, 2017) An aerial view of Naval Support Activity (NSA) Washington on the historic Washington Navy Yard (WNY). The WNY is the “Quarterdeck of the Navy” and serves as the Headquarters for Naval District Washington, where it houses numerous support activities for the fleet and aviation communities.

Eleventh Naval District - United States Navy

    Mar 15, 2016 · The Eleventh Naval District, headquartered at the Lake Training Station in Lake Bluff, Illinois, was established on 7 May 1903 in accordance with General Order No. 128, signed by Acting Secretary of the Navy Charles H. Darling.The district was activated in 1911 as part of a larger administrative unit known as the "Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Naval Districts."

Rawalpindi District - Wikipedia

    Rawalpindi District (Punjabi and Urdu: ضِلع راولپِنڈى ‎), is a district located in the northernmost part of the Punjab province of Pakistan.Parts of the district form part of the Islamabad Rawalpindi metropolitan area. Rawalpindi city is the district capital.. The district has an area of 5,286 km 2 (2,041 sq mi). Originally, its area was 6,192 km 2 (2,391 sq mi) until the 1960s ...

10 Eleven Lounge 🇵🇰 - pakistan.worldplaces.me

    201m Huma Law Associates, District Court Islamabad ... 267m Naval Headquarters, Islamabad 269m LIVE WITH STYLE (Boys Hostel) 270m Nawaz Sharif Park ,rawalpindi 296m Shakar Parian Open Air …

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