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Fuhrerhauptquartier Wolfschanze 1940-1945 (Hitler's ...

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9783887410384: Fuhrerhauptquartier Wolfschanze 1940-1945 ...

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Wolf's Lair - Wikipedia

    The Wolf's Lair (German: Wolfsschanze; Polish: Wilczy Szaniec) served as Adolf Hitler's first Eastern Front military headquarters in World War II. The Organisation Todt constructed the complex, which became one of several Führerhauptquartiere (Führer Headquarters) in various parts of Central and Eastern Europe, for the start of Operation Barbarossa—the invasion of the Soviet Union—in 1941.

Wolfschanze (Wolf's Lair) Führer Headquarters

    The Wolf's Lair was the largest of Hitler's field headquarters and he spent more time there during World War II than at any other command site. ( Google Maps link ) The Wolfschanze was built in 1940-41 (many of the buildings were later rebuilt or added to) and first occupied just before the invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941.

Führerhauptquartier Wolfschanze 1940 - 1945 : 9783887410384

    Führerhauptquartier Wolfschanze 1940 - 1945, 9783887410384, ... Taken at Hitler's secret military headquarters in East Prussia, Wolfschanze (Wolf's Lair), the full color photographs taken by Walter Frentz and contained in this book are truly astounding.

Hitler's "Wolf's Lair" As It Is Today - The Military ...

    The Wolf’s Lair was built in 1941 and was ready on May for the Fuhrer’s first visit. Hitler was gravely mistaken that Operation Barbarossa would take only a few months and as the war continued – the upgrading of Hitler’s headquarters continued as well. Some of the work was conducted by local companies, but the most important and secret tasks were executed directly by companies from the ...

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