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CHAPTER 8 The Tet Offensive at Da Nang

    headquarters of Communist Military Region 5, moved from the hills in western Quang Nam, to an advance position on Go Noi Island. On 29 January, ... ARVN 51st Regiment operating in the southern


    no longer necessary to attack the headquarters of the [ARVN] 51st Regiment. Concentrate on preparing A2 for an N-Day attack, and after that, Al. Attack the headquarters of the 51st Regiment only as a last (C val resort) and if you are able to carry out the objectives for your unit."

Vietnamese Rangers - Wikipedia

    : 344–6 During the Tet Offensive attacks on Bien Hoa and Long Binh from 31 January to 2 February 1968 the 3rd Ranger Task Force, consisting of the 35th and 36th Ranger Battalions, provided a rapid reaction force supported by 2 155-mm howitzer battalions located on the southeast of Bien Hoa and together with elements of the ARVN 5th Division which had its headquarters there successfully …Branch: Army of the Republic of Vietnam

25th Division - Army of the Rapublic of Vietnam (ARVN)

    The 49th Regiment was initially located at the Thuan Hoa headquarters. The 50th Regiment was formed at Duc Pho, 40 kilometers south of Quang Ngai City on National Highway 1. The 51st Regiment …

Team 51 Bac Lieu MACV Teams

    Aug 28, 2013 · Lived on the MACV compound but was assigned to the Province Advisory team rather than the 21st ARVN Division working with the province S2 half the time and going out with the RF/PF units half the time. Compared to living and working in Saigon, it was a great job. Had a two man hutch next to the O Club and short walk to the Province headquarters.

Page 008 eHISTORY

    The 1st Marine Division and the 51st ARVN Regiment provided the protection tor the central province of Quang Nam which contained I Corps headquarters at Da Nang, the Da Nang Airbase, the Quang Da Special Sector, and more than 35 percent of the I Corps population. 22

Don 'SGT Snuffy' Smith's

    51st ARVN Headquarters 1971 51st ARVN BS965618 6640-4 51st LRP Relay - Bravo Relay 1968 51st LRP YT105235 6331-2 52nd Ranger HQ 1968 52nd Ranger YT275100 6430-4 53rd PF OP 1970 53rd PF BN120965 6632-3 55th RF Bn Barracks 1968 55th RF Bn XS764891 6330-4 58th TC Battalion Headquarters AT947816 6641-3

RVNHS Virtual Museum: Insignia of the Army of the Republic ...

    At most an ARVN army regiment could have a general regimental patch, a headquarters patch, a scout/reconnaissance/strike company patch, and battalion patches, but this also varied between units. Some regiments had only a general regimental patch while others had only a general regimental and battalion patches.

1st Division - Army of the Rapublic of Vietnam (ARVN)

    1st Division. Organized January 1, 1955. (Decree 012-QP/ND of January 17, 1955) (JGS order 474/TCM/1/1/SQ of January 22, 1955) The 1st Division was formed from …

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