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    4. This fact was further reinforced b_CommanderSpecial Forces, 1990-1993, who stated that the HQ I Cdo was raised to provide backup command and control (C2) ofthe TAG and although it never came to that, it was an essential part ofthe C2 of TAG. 5. Director Special Action Forces Australia 1985-1987, BRIG Rod Curtis's recollection

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    Within Special Operations Command, Major General Kenny has served as Director Special Operations and Plans (2011–12) and, later, as Director-General Special Operations & Counter-Terrorism (2018–20). He also served as Deputy Director of Operations at United States Special Operations Command in Tampa, Florida, from 2015 to 2017.

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    The Special Operations Command (SOCOMD) is an Australian Defence Force command that was established on 5 May 2003 to unite all of the Australian Army 's special forces units and by 2008 was fully operational. Australia's Special Operations Command is of equivalent status to Australia's Fleet, Forces and Air Commands.

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    SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND – AUSTRALIA The special forces of the Australian Defence Force are units of Special Operations Command and associated units of the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Australian Air Force that conduct and or support special operations to advance and protect the national security of the Commonwealth of Australia.Estimated Reading Time: 12 mins


    Special Operations Australia was the "dirty tricks" department of the Allied Intelligence Bureau (AIB). In March 1943, relationships with AIB were so bad that SOA was restructured. The British Commanding Officer of ISD was replaced by AIB with another SOE officer from London and the group became known as Services Reconnaissance Department (SRD) .

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    “The Company consisted of a headquarters and four platoons comprising about 200 all ranks by the time it became part of The Royal Australian Regiment in 1960.” (SAS Historical Foundation, 2013). At the same time it was given responsibility for commando and SF operations in the Australian Army. ... Australia Special Forces (Land)”. 22 ...

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